Saturday, September 3, 2011

Dennis Oh

Dennis Joseph O'Neil or Dennis Oh is one of South Korea's most famous actors. His first major role was as Han Yoo-Il in the massively popular drama Sweet Spy, and has also acted in commercials across Asia, including Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. In the drama, he appears as a mysterious spy who falls in love with an ordinary female police officer. O'Neil started modeling at the age of 16 while majoring in photography in college. He won the 22nd Korean model "Best Dress" in 2005. He appeared in an episode of the 2009 series of Melrose Place. Dennis famous because he so cute , Handsome and always be give good performance then he has a lot Fans in numerous Countries .

Dennis Oh Look so Handsome

Dennis Oh Cute Smile

Dennis Oh Sharped Eyes

Dennis Oh Best Pose with Casual Clothes and Hat

Dennis Oh is Korean Star

Dennis Oh Unique Hairstyle

Dennis Oh on the Coat 


Dennis Joseph O,Neil

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